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I grew up in New York, my first career and focus in life was singing, piano and musical composition. I was a soloist for the New York City Harlem choir where I was able to perform and tour to places like Apollo Theatre and Carnegie Hall. By the age of 16 I was diagnosed with Lupus, this essentially halted my singing career due to being in significant pain and struggling with my energy, mental health, motivation and the ability to sing or play piano without being in pain from arthritis. Over time I also was diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, Hypothyroidism as well as PMDD, ADHD and Autism. So many labels and no answers as to why or how I can be helped without heavy medications that made me feel worse. These health struggles lead me down the path of trying to find any way to help heal myself since I felt that western medicine had failed to do anything for me except for make me feel worse, gain weight and feel completely unheard, misunderstood and hopeless. I started doing my own research, changing my diet, educating myself about nutritional supplements and herbs. For the first time in my life I started to feel better, lose weight, have energy and be pain free. As I started to change my diet and focus on the root causes of my issues and I became passionate about healing and sharing my experiences with others. I decided to go to school for Naturopathic medicine in hopes to find more answers for myself and others that were in the same position that I was in. Through this journey I discovered that the root cause of my auto-immune issues were related to Chronic Lyme Disease that I had contracted when I was around 10 years old. 

In 2013 I completed my certification in Live and Dry Blood Microscopy through Neogenesis Systems and studied under Dr.Okker Botha, a Homeopathic Doctor.
I attended Trinity School of Natural Health and completed a degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy and completed my doctoral dissertation on Medical Ozone Therapy. The very same IV therapy that saved my life and countless others. 


In 2014 I started my first health care company.

While I was completing my Naturopathic studies, I worked for multiple clinics, interned/studied under physicians that specialized in family medicine, women's health and internal medicine. I also worked and studied under pharmacists, microbiologists, acupuncturists and naturopaths as well as learned how to operate and run a successful medical practice.

My hobbies and passions outside of Holistic medicine. 

Music & Creativity

I still sing, play piano, guitar and write music in my free time. I also love to draw, paint and create pottery. Creation of any kind is the most soothing way to clear my mind. 

Animal Rescue & Rehabilliation 

From as far back as I could remember I was always the kid with an injured bird in her pocket, taking it home to nurse it back to health. Animals and nature were my solace and soul family, I felt alienated, disconnected and estranged from my peers, but with animals I was free and at peace. By the time I was 18 I was actively fostering, rehabbing and rehoming cats, dogs (Pit bulls primarily) and volunteering at a horse sanctuary. I learned how to horseback ride and eventually learned how to jump and Fox hunt (equestrian sport, not actual hunting). I have actively fostered and rehabbed hundreds of cats, dogs, horses and livestock for the past 10+ years. All while using my knowledge in holistic health, I utilized clean organic foods, essential oils and herbs to help heal the animals that I crossed paths with. In 2021 I became the President of the non-profit animal sanctuary Sarasota In Defense of Animals that was originally established in 1989. 

Spirituality, Yoga and Meditation

I recently became an ordained minister and am incredibly passionate about spiritual growth, healthy relationships and personal growth & development. I plan on sharing my insight from my own personal spiritual experiences in hopes of inspiring others to find the light and strength in dark situations. Yoga, meditation and moving energy through breath work single handily saved me from severe depression and anxiety stemmed from being neurodivergent (Autism & ADHD)


Thanks for reaching out!

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